Focus on your goals

I start in 2007 this Journey and it has been hard and it has been one of many tears when I tell people its possible is because I KNOW!!! I was 228 lbs in the pictures to the left and now who knows since i have learn not to see the scale but to see the changes in my body. I dont think I have it all together and I will never feel better than anybody because I know how it feels to want something but not being able to even dream about reaching that goal. I love all my friends but please listen ITS POSSIBLE!!!! You just have to love your self enough to be willing to change your living style is not about beauty is about health and that great feeling of saying I did it!! So please dont ever feel threaten by my success if anything feel inspired I was alone depress with a set of twins and hubs deploy and guess what I decided I wanted to love my self and I start working towards my goal I have had ups and downs and like I say tears had been cried but I have never quit WHY? Because when I quit Im only disappointing my self. I am real proof that you can do everything you really want and more THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!! I challenge you to start loving your self and finally take the step to the start of a new and better you 🙂   


Scale numbers are my worst enemy 

So Yes !!! I have lost so much weight is amazing but since im home bored 24/7 now for summer I noticed i have snack more than normal. I hadn’t weight my self since June because my clothes still fit well then one bathing suit ummm not fit quite the same and it’s from last year. I decided to check and it seems that my snacks are making me 8 lbs fatter nooooooooooooo. So here I am now back to strict diet and mad at myself I know how hard this will be. Why i let it happen just why? Guess is time to stop eating by emotions which is my biggest problem.