Your perfect imperfect world…

My son you are perfect for me. I know mom gets frustrated and at times ask more than you think you can do, yet YOU GOT THIS!!! and I have teach you that theres nothing imposible for you. I wish i could be part of that awesome mind of yours why? Ohh lets start by recognizing the huge intelligence you have, and then your heart lets not forget that amazing skill of making diagnoses look wrong 😉 SEE YOU GOT THIS!!!  In fact i think I should be like you because I get upset and stay upset about weeks yet you can have a huge meltdown but once is done is that done like nothing happen. I love you my son and I know im far from perfect but im trying I am all I ask is for you to be patient with mom she is figuring out  day by day your PERFECT IMPERFECT WORLD 


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I only knew of your presence for four short weeks,but the love I felt for you is just so deep;

I wish people could understand how I feel,

so lonely and heartbroken, I just can’t deal;

I try everyday to go on with this life,But it’s just so hard, I keep losing the fight; You were just what I wish for everyday, as I heard friends and family good news of miracles in their lives, but yet you were from me so quickly taken away;Sometimes I wonder why I’m so sad and depressed,and I’m soon reminded that in my heart you left an empty space; they say and say “it just wasn’t mean to be”, But I cant help to think of what a wonderful mommy I’d be;I just want to SCREAM, let the anger out, you see I’m just so torn when I think of how you would have been a blessing But I’ll go on with a smile on my face, whether It’s real or fake,because I can’t change that fact the you from me God had to take;but you will forever be in my mind and heart,but now I just cry and cry as I see my empty arms I never got to see your face Or even give you a name But in my heart, you hold a special place And for that, I would never be the same I’ll never hear you laugh or cry Or hold you in my arms tenderly I’ll never know the color of your eyes ,But I will still love you endlessly

       ~unknown author

The love they have is beautiful…

They are twins!!! I heard then its a boy and girl my eyes open wide. I was worried HOW THEY WILL PLAY ? They will be so different, ohhh God help me be a good mom. Lets not forget baby boy has autism. So many ask about their bond and I can proudly say they are just perfect in all their imperfections. They fight, they play and they fight again 😂😂😂 but is 9 yrs and we still struggle every night to keep him in different beds since they go to each other beds even with bunk beds. This mom might not be perfect but her kids absolutely are