I love my job..

This past months have been rough for this teacher.I cry the tears Inever thought  I will cry. I was a victim ofthe prejudice of an individual. I wanted to quit, I felt that no matter what I did I will never begood enougth. But I didnt because I love my job. I love my children like if they where my own and even when you think is crazy I will take a bullet for any of them. If they are sad I worried, if they are happy I celebrate and each milestone reach is the most amazin JOY!! For this teacher.As a hispanic person teaching in USA I doubt my self constantly and when situations like this arise my heart brake to pieces. I love my job and I dont see my self doing anything else. I love my job and I have no doubt of that. I will never understand why is so bad about me being latina that make others unconfortable. I love my job and even when I migth not be acknoledge as often as all teachers should be recognized for their job it is super rewarding to know that somebody does see it. Last week I was tag by a friend on her facebook page and this time the tears where of joy SOMEBODY SEE IT!!! Oh I wanted to hug her and say THANK YOU SO BAD !! But Japan is not in my budget at this moment 😜. I let you with this picture of her words for me and if she is reading this I want her to know that she has make me regain my confidence and I thank God for putting her in my life. She didnt knew it but that day I wake up feeling like I was not good enought and then her post completely change that.

Is the simple stuff in life that can make you the happiest thanks lin you are truly an amazing friend  




I doubt my self and then…

last year was my first year as a teacher. Do to situations out of my control my students didnt ever had all the materials needed and required for a succesful learning. Im not talking about papers or crayons or even books since I my self bougth those for the classroom. But other essential materials for a learning enviroment. My students graduated and I could not be more proud of them. We didnt have a lot but we did wonders with we did had. This year as my second teaching year start I start doubting my self. I see other teachers with more experience than me and well with all this great learning resources, activities and strategies.  And it just hit me WHY I DID DO THAT FIR MY KIDS LAST YEAR? Why did I not knew that? DID I FAIL ? Ohh nooo my babies. I start basically feeling like I did nothing but fail last year. Feelings of anger because I felt I wasnt a good teacher invade me and tears where indeed spill. I stress out and panic. WILL THE PARENTS OF THIS YEAR ASKED PREVIOUS PARENTS? Oh God I hope not I FAILEDπŸ˜•. All this and more was all I could think about. But then I receive the most wonderful and moving words I could ever read in any email. My parents from last year express their opinion about me. I cant even start to describe how I feel. After all I didnt fail. I love what I do, Im not perfect and well probably a parent or two will dislike me each year. Yet I do this for them my children, my students, our future. I learn that even when I doubt my self my children , in my classroom, everyday and forever will see all the great things and ignore the not so great. Im proud of me and I love to know that help and impacts lives in many different ways. MY STUDENTS KNOW THERES NOTHING IMPOSIBLE WHEN YOU WANT AND ARE WILLING TO FIGTH FOR IT.  My parents know that there is no bad kid but instead children needen more of my attention. I now can look back and see how great the last year was and those who know the story know this is a big but big accomplishment .   

Here are some of the mails I receive  


They are in fourth grade πŸ˜

Today I plan on drop the twiners and drive away free to cry. Yes I still cry on each first day of school. Yet my son asked if I could walk them “mom can you help me I dont think I can”  and I had to put my big girl panties on and walked them to their class. To the parents that see me I could pass like a mom that just droo her kid at kindergarten. My tears Could easily fool anyone. πŸ˜‚ why I dont know but is like each yr the babies are closer to leave me and I have my doubts about how well I will handle that. And then… Is the frustrating battle with my son. Having an ASD child is not easy when it cames to homework ohhh the joys. But most imp. Is his emational collapse when something or somebody is not quite like he wants too. Here we gooo another year. Lets pray and hope God will take control and this will be the best yr so far πŸ™‚ 


My students have grow

Although you’re not their parent, 

You care for them each day. 

You cuddle, sing, and read to them 

and watch them as they play.

You see each new accomplishment 

You help them grow and learn. 

You understand their language 

and you listen with concern. 

They come to you for comfort 

and you kiss away their tears. 

They proudly show their work to you 

You give the loudest cheers! 

No, you are not their parent 

but your role is just as strong. 

You nurture them and keep them safe 

though maybe not for long. 

You know someday the time will come 

when you will have to part. 

But you know each child you’ve cared for



Saying to our kiddos good luck in kinder 

First day of work done!!!Β 

My crazy head on my first day in a new school 

How frustrating is it my inner omg they won’t like me thing what it’s making me feel this way? Maybe but still why don’t make feel the brand new employees welcome maybe my high horse is been spoiled and is time to face reality.one good thing is that I know my assistant she went to school with me. But still not my the yang to my ying yup my absolute half. I can say we are soul twins because even in disagreement we are perfect.  The best part was coming home with about 100 drawings made by the children just for me. Hehe yes im sucker for prek and if you ask why is bc well im that a prek teacher πŸ™‚ Better pay job means busiest job too,and in the race to success obstacles will b a must . Yet I know this is only the beginning of a great year and im looking forward to it