I am the worst friend ever …

Im a horrible friend …

This morning i was mad with a friend.how is she texting everybody but me to let them know she had her baby?? Why if i introduce her to our friend she is closer with her than with me? And then the news of her in critical condition in the hospital hit my Facebook wall 😦 I feel like I dont deserved to have her as a friend. I was very but very childish and life is showing me that I was the bad one because of ridiculoud Jelousy and my selfish prideness. All I want is a second chance to be the friend I know I can be. And now im reflecting in one major thing I need to work on my pride and stubbornness. 


I will be the light 

I want you to know that im here for you. 

I want you to know that I am proud of you.

I want you to know that I can help.

I want you to know that I can and will make you laugh. 

I want you know that your are special.

But most importantly I want you to know I care. 

I know I am far from the perfect friend, but I try. I know I can make you mad but hey you can make me mad too😊. I know I am super comolicated, and at times a crying baby lol. But I want you to know that: I know what it is to be alone in the dark, like a child that is scared in his room when the lights are off and everybody is sleeping. I know that your tears are not like mines because we both hurt different, yet I know that pain is pain and is not easy. I want you to know that im here that I will listen, I wont judge, I probably cry with you, ha we know I cry like my life depend on it 😂.  And please dont forget that when the times get dark and you have no flashlightI’m  here and I will be your light in the dark moments ….  

God loves you and you are victorious dont ever forget that