being an adult sucks !!!!!! I have the strange talent to get others mad at me without me even know how… this month it was brought to my attention at work that the rumors are ” I’m the bitch of the building because i go above an beyond” also that ” I think my shit don’t stink because i refuse to get involve in gossip therefore I’m always in my room and don’t share much with nobody” and even had been called a snake that wants no good. this last one is just a mystery for me why? well i left Thursday and it was all good with this coworker then Friday this coworker was serious and not talking to me. obviously i did something overnight what? God only know but I’m here trying to be the big person and not pay attention to all yet it bothers me I wish it didn’t but it does and I think is not fair. why do i share this here because i need to let this go before it eats me alive. I’m getting so tired of hearing al this stuff then being the bigger person when they all need something from me and go to my room to ask for help (when instead i wanted to say well not bc my shit don’t stink and I’m the bitch) its exhausting being the bigger person but I turn my self  to God a year ago and he will want me to keep a smile and to be humble. I still need to be a little more aware of my actions maybe people take my loudness as rude or another way and thats the problem after all it has happen so many times before because of the language barrier but oh well i guess is me I should be used to it by now ….


2 thoughts on “IM SO OVER IT !!!!!

  1. You feel misunderstood and quite alone with your job, that really hurts, especially when you don’t know why people mistreat you. Often they misinterpret our manner of delivery. We all know that if we turn to Jesus for help the enemy will work at trying to make us upset and trust in our own resources rather than rest in the peace, confidence and joy of letting God fight our battles for us. I have been through similar but not the same emotions in my work place last year, and Jesus has helped me realise that I do not have to justify myself to anyone, but if I just love and live the Life, even if mistreated He will vindicate and deliver me and bless me far more than I can imagine. hang in there and be encouraged that the Lord is forming you and growing you through hard times, as He loves you and wants you to grow (see Hebrews 12). I have a much more settled attitude now and feel that those who I felt were against me are now for me and we get on much better. Remember prayer changes things, and hand it to God and walk in love. Pray for God to bless those who persecute you as He did, and things will change:-)


    1. Thank you !!!!!! You are so right God has take me places that i could never imagine and I am bless just a week moment and a tired overachiever person who let her emotions blind side her blessings

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