My favorite songĀ 

I translated from spanish to english but this is the one song i say i love the most 

If only by crying we will resolve our problems It would be easyIf in each tear our sadness and nostalgic disappear It would be easy

If just by sleep everything will change all in one night

And by waking up all the anger was gone

It would be easy to live

Oooh, it would be easy
If a heartbreak didn’t hurt neither a friends betrayal It would be easy

If you could stop time and never grow old It would be easy
But it is not easy as you see it

We are human

We feel all and we can help it 

We were born by love & is almost always by love that we cry for

It’s not easy if you have feelings

Because life is not like a story book

And who does not feels pain is for a reason Because he is dead