Bad month over all

The strugle of having and ASD child is real somedays are plain simple bad others are so so and then others arent perfect but great for what you go thru on daily basis. My son is having a bad season from bad days at school to today punch a kid at church seems like church online for me. Im so embarased being pull out of the line to pick up you ur kid and in front of everyone being told ur kid punch another one 😒. I am at lost what im doing wrong how can I explain to him he cant do that. And the looks in others like if dont teach him rigth from wrong I DO i really do but he dont get it most judge me bc he is highly functional and they think he is just a brat. Ohhh when but when this mom will experience a hey great job ur children are awesome instead of a ohh ur daugther is an angel but your son dont quite behave. He is my son and I love him with all my heart but sometimes I feel like I fail like is me. Sometimes i think people is rigth is all my fault im not doing something the rigth way. All i want to do is hide go to some sort of island were i can raised him away from society where i wont be judge and he wont be missunderstood. 


8 thoughts on “Bad month over all

  1. I totally feel your pain. My ODD son challenges me in ways I didn’t know existed. He pushes all of my buttons. He makes me feel like I am failing. Yet, I keep trying. I know it’s hard to see improvements, but they are there. Bad days, they are so overwhelming. And they stand out compared to the better days. And when things seem to be in a bad pattern for a bit, it’s hard to keep your head up. But, some of us understand. Good luck fellow special needs mom. You’re doing fine!


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