He is my safe place 

Is amazing how much a furry baby can do for you. The day we got this dude I was like 3 months prego and he has been  always by my side since. When the twins where born he protected them and as the years go by if my son is sick or there is something wrong this dog will not leave his side. I can say in words how much this dog means to me. The day I lost my baby he knew something was wrong with mama and stay by me untill I could not cry nomore and fall asleep. Again since that horrible day he is my safe place when im sad I need him I want to hug him and be with him. The only issue with this is what will happen the day he leaves earth ? Lets not think about it now. All I know is that I LOVE MY FURRY BABY  😍



2 thoughts on “He is my safe place 

  1. I can relate to this. Whenever I had sever asthma problem my dog used to sit by side whole night. He is gone but has left beautiful memories. You safe place is very cute and adorable.


    1. Thanks!! Im sorry for your pal but Im sure he still by your side !! And this furry baby of mine indeed is adorable but a brat to hehehe I can even imagine the day he will left me


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