First day of work done!!! 

My crazy head on my first day in a new school 

How frustrating is it my inner omg they won’t like me thing what it’s making me feel this way? Maybe but still why don’t make feel the brand new employees welcome maybe my high horse is been spoiled and is time to face good thing is that I know my assistant she went to school with me. But still not my the yang to my ying yup my absolute half. I can say we are soul twins because even in disagreement we are perfect.  The best part was coming home with about 100 drawings made by the children just for me. Hehe yes im sucker for prek and if you ask why is bc well im that a prek teacher 🙂 Better pay job means busiest job too,and in the race to success obstacles will b a must . Yet I know this is only the beginning of a great year and im looking forward to it      



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