My baby boy had a bad day :(

Today he start the morning as usual, but by 10 am summer school call he was not acting right I talk to him. His teacher wasnt there ohhhhh here we go Autism and the whole not accepting changes in routine. I explain to the teacher at the phone he dislike changes For God sakes he has an EIP does anybody read it ?  She say but im here everyday is nothing diferent 😡😡😡 at this point I just want to scream at her yes but his teacher is not there so there is a change in routine. ugh what I have to deal with from time to time. When he came home I notice his mood yup one little thing will mess the whole full day. He was all upset and easy to get frustrated. From 2 pm to 8 pm I listen to tantrum after tantrum for stuff that normally he wont do that. He wasnt happy. As a mom I get frustrted of course, but  I cant be mad either I know why he is this way. Sometimes I feel like im not a good mom because I can avoid this episodes or worst cant fix them when it happens. I love my son dont get it twisted Im just worried for him I want him to be able to function in society and this episodes are painful to watch as a mom.  I know he can do it he does it everyday, yet routines have to be intact or else…  And then theres the rest of the world watching critizicnin just trash talking my parental skills all because they see his meltdowns and dont even care to think that he migh might have a diagnose.  But hey who cares my baby boy will be big and will amaze everybody  because he has a mom that will not stop the fight and together we will beat all the odds 🙂  





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