Being a female 😒

Some days my female self esteem acts against me. Today is one of those days where nothing fits right, hair wont be cooperative and I FEEL FAT!  I know compared to many I am not fat, yet after a C-section and my belly destroyed by stretch marks is hard to feel sexy. I’m not a fan of my body and today it seems no matter how I try to hide the imperfections I still see them. Oh lets mention I dont like make up, only use it if is necesary. Silly I know but what can I do I am a female it happens probably the cicle is about to hit and i just being that a bag of hormones that dont get along 😜.  At the end I think that after having twins, my body went from 228 lbs to 140 lbs , I be 31 in couple of weeks and even when I feel this ugly today I can say IM HOT !! And plenty teens will love to look like me. 

some days

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