The Ectopic 

Tomorrow made 7 months of my lost and even when I pretend like I dont remember and that is all good is not I wish one day I can talk to somebody how i trully feel and how much this hurt I feel so sad inside me first the twins were premmie cause of my body not being able to hold and then my baby was place in the wrong part. Sometimes I feel like im the worst mother because I can make it normal tye question here is why nobody ever want to let me talk about it I feel like they dont care do they dont know that tjis is eating me alive? Killing me inside im numb to emotions now because all this inside I cant feel pitty in fact I just adopted that same statement just see the possitive in all this  and I completely ignore them just like I been ignore. Im so done of feeling left alone with my feelings one day I will scream to yhe world all of it and then watch them call me crazy … 



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