A kiss to my hero πŸ’‹

When a child is born, a mother is also born and with both a journey where together they discover a rollercoaster of emotions. This is my son he is 9 yrs old and he is autistic. He also has ADHD, partial deaf in one ear, cominication disorder, anxiety issues, and a reading disorder. He has the most wonderful and loving personality but he faces everyday one of the most challenging barriers ACCEPTANCE. In his short life this boy has experience rejection, moking, discrimination, and has been victim of many unfair situations.  Regardless of all that he tries hard everyday to make friends. Last thursday he step of the school bus (summer reading) and I notice a sad face, I ask whats wrong? All he says was “he told me he wasnt my friend, he say it was just pretending”  my heart just hurt for him but instead of saying means things about a child I dont know I told him well baby I know it hurts but at least he tells you the truth and now you know. Next day he came running happy and say  “mom, he told me i am his friends that yesterday he was just mad”  I smile but in my heart i was mad because I knew what was going on yet my son is not able to see all this malice on the world. Not long ago he came asking why he has white circles around the eyes and I say baby because you are my super hero. He reply mom I dont like when they laugh at me because of my eyes. Like this stories I have enought to make not one but two books and it just ocurred to me how much I have to learn about him. My son wakes up everyday and fight his battles at school not just academics but social wise too. He wakes up and try day after day without stopping to be accepted. He is unique and he embrace it,  what other call autism I call it super duper self esteem. He knows what he wants and how he wants it. Once he is set up there is nobody changing his mind. He dont quit and even when he knows is almost imposible for him he keep the fight beating all diagnoses. But the most admirable thing my son has is , he loves to talk to God, he prays, he ask, and he seeks for information. The other day while I was having a moment of bear moma I say “ugh that child i cant stand it ”  and my son says “mom you cant say that we are all brothers and sisters because of God”  it took me a minute but I look at him and say sorry but mommy gets angry when they hurt my babies. Then he hugs me and say “I still love you mom”    Even when I did something not good he still loves me… He was remind me how Gods mercy is for all of us no matter what.  For many years I have been his hero and his shield but lately the roles are switch and he has become my hero why? He dont quit, he embrace him self, he is not scare of telling what he likes and what he dont, he is not aware of stereotipes and his heart and souls are inocent and full of love. Today I want to return to him MY HERO a kiss full of hope and expectations for him πŸ™‚ because a diagnose in a paper wont stop this little fellow and his sidekick mom to conquer the world and for that I give this kiss to my hero … 


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