After long months of waiting …

I got married young, really young! And like many other couples got babies fast. That lead us to congrats you are having twins 😮. Since they one the journey has been a rollercoaster, yet I would not change it. If you know what it is being over protective then you know I did not had couple time FOR A WHILE!!! And by that I meant about 5 years. The twins were too sick or weak and well nobody like mom. Then my mind set the guilt trip on me, and start asking what have you done ? Why is he still with you if you dont give him time?  And I start trying to get sitters for the twins. Just like if life was trying to do a little revenge number on me most of the time my son will not behave to anybody and we will always got half dates 😡. Time teach me that our son is special needs and then it hit me he was not being bad he just didnt know better. By this the twins were in first grade and after all bad experiences we only did when we could the parent night out of two hrs st the daycare. The relatioship became all habits and routine. I dont even remember the last sucesful date. Where you know ur kids are ok and u dont have to worry. But last night thanks to awesome friends we were finally able to explore what is the world of fun dating !!!  Like young couples. I was so happy !!! I needed that as well as he did. I could go get the kids after all finish but hubs wanted more yes he wanted to be able to …. Without the worry of a child catching us 😂 morelikely with a normal wife not a paranoic one. What i though it was missing in my marriage I found out it was not actually missing is there but life inside parenthood can blind us at times. I love my husband dearly and im sorry I cant be a better wife for him! Baby after so long of waiting we did it we got a date 🙂 and now lets pray for many more 😍 I LOVE YOU honey  



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