How should I feel…

People tell me to be more positive and not to pay attention to others, but when it happens so often I wonder if should let it go or teach society that what they do is wrong? Today after weeks of being the example of the professor as THE LATINA yes does single that fact in each one of her clases umm, well long story short she got my paper a draft on where she was suposed to gave us feedback but instead she got mine to shared it with all the class and point out all the mistakes with remarks like ” i would have do this so i can look smart” was she calling me dumb?  Did she really? She keep going on and on and i could hear her kind of laguing. It was a humilliating experience. Honestly make me feel like I dont belong here and i want to go back home. It make me feel that all the sacrifice of staying here for my son is not worth bc nobody will ever acept me just bc I am latina. I wonder why the hate? I dont kill or steel or life from the goverment Im not even ilegal my birth certificate says usa citizen yet because I am latina often I find my seld here in the same place being rejected or humilliated. Im not perfect but I have feelings, my english is not the best but i have a heart like everybody else. My intentions is not to take ur country away from you infact my husband for 10 yrs fight for your country so why you hate me so much what did I ever did to you? I work , I graduate bachelors with a gpa higher than most of my classmates and I pay taxes just like everybody. Will anybody ever give a chance? Idk but what I know is that Im tire of being hate for no reason 


2 thoughts on “How should I feel…

  1. You’re a beautiful individual who should be valued as such. I’m sorry that you went through all that but I have faith that you will come out so much stronger than the bullies. Keep on doing your thing!

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